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Khabasha Kittens

Each of my girls will have a single litter per year. This ensures them plenty of recovery time and time to themselves between babies and, if the situation allows, also perhaps to attend a few shows.

All my kittens are brought up at home as part of the family and are socialized and handled from an early age. Because I live alone, I make an effort to ensure that, once they are old enough, the kittens meet visitors regularly and become accustomed to normal household noise and disruption.

Owning an Abyssinian is not for everybody. They are not lap cats and require homes where they can join in human activities, while still being encouraged to respect their human parents.

Because of their lack of road sense and general gregariousness, I would strongly urge any purchaser to keep their little charges indoors if they want to have them for any length of time. The "indoor" Aby will not suffer as a result of any such restriction and will soon find plenty of interesting things to do within the safety of their owner's home.

All my kittens are sold as loving family pets and are fully vaccinated and neutered before sale at about fourteen or fifteen weeks old. If the kitten is good enough and the new owner wants to try the experience, I might encourage them to show their new baby since, unlike the Kennel Club, the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy creates no barrier to showing neutered animals.

I would be unlikely to sell a female kitten for breeding but would hope that, if you were seriously interested in the idea of breeding pedigree cats, you would say so since I would be happy to discuss the matter with you and give you some idea of what is involved in such an enterprise.